History of Rosenborg

Rosenborg is a typical old farm of Öland. According to old documentation it was occupied as nyhemman 1758, on a ground that was the outfield. There are 3 spots in Algutsrum who was at this time, on the outfield, which therefore nobody else had previously lived. At that time, there were 14 acres arable land and 8 acres that was not being farmed.

The farm has been passed generations until 1954. Some years, it was split into two units, Sörgården and Norrgården, but merged into a farm again. The farm is located in Algutsrum parish, Mörbylånga municipality, but borders the Runsten parish to north and to Norra Möckleby to the East, Borgholm municipality

Öland is since long ago renowned for its horse breeding and it would have been according to old documentation 11 horses at Rosenborg. Formerly it was much hustle and bustle at Rosenborg since there were many residents here. They helped on the farm and in the surrounded villages.

The Windmill, which now stands in the old garden (formerly Sörgården), was originally placed in Jordtorp, and later moved to Norra Möckleby and then finally get to Rosenborg. It was then placed on “kvarnlotten” West of the living house. It was last in use at the 1940’s during the war, but had since then been unused. In 1989 it was moved to its current location and was repaired externally. The Interior was intact, as it usually is in the old windmills. The Ölands Mill Committee shared some allowance to the maintenance.

Down to the pasture is a small Forge that had previously been used frequently. The railing around the church tower in Algutsrum were manufactured here at Rosenborg.

The Barns is now rebuilt to this guesthouse, previously they had thatched roofs with råghalm as moning, Oak hång. This moning, at the top of the roof must be replaced every five years, hångträn held onto the straw. Since the roof was in bad shape and very flammable, it has now become isolated metal roofs instead.