About Rosenborg

While the cars rushing at road 136: an on the way to Borgholm, then there’s the peace and quiet that we so badly need, close at hand. Eleven kilometers from the bridge in the direction of Algutsrum and Jordtorp you find the close to nature living Rosenborg. The last three kilometres you take on a beautiful old dirt road.

Rosenborg is a typical old Öland farm built in 1758. The farm is completely independent from surrounding neighbours. The site was previously not used and life was hard for the settlers who settled on this “outfield”. Now it is a valuable place in these busy and impatient times.

Rosenborg is located in the famous Mittlandsskogen. In the Woods grow deciduous trees such as oak, beech, Elm, ash, Hazel etc. Mittlandsskogen has been used for pasture for cows, sheep and horses since the bronze age. These conditions have created unique environments for plants and animals.

The bike is a great way of travel to experience Öland and especially the East side. Just turn at one of the roads leading down to the sea and you will get a new picture of Öland.

You may prefer to sip a cup of coffee, listening to the birds or talking with a good friend. Rosenborg is well suited for that also!

Welcome to our close to nature living at Rosenborgs Friluftspensionat.