Find the way to Rosenborg

Finding the way to Rosenborg is not that hard. Driving directions from both the West and the East can be found under the page directions.


Directions from the bridge

  • After the Öland bridge, take the second exit towards Ottenby and Mörbylånga, route 136.
  • After 500 m, turn to the left towards Algutsrum.
  • Continue straight ahead, past the Church to 4-way intersection.
  • Drive straight through the intersection direction Jordtorp.
  • After 3 km take right in the T-intersection dirction Rosenborg.
  • Continue straight ahead (past the farmhouse just off the road) soon you will enter a gravel road that you continuo 3 km.
  • On the left side you will find a farm with a windmill, turn in there and you are at Rosenborg!


From the East side

  • Entrance to us is located at the Eastern Road between the villages of Norra Möckleby and Runsten.
  • Turn off direction Södra Bäck, there is a small sign on the opposite side of the road Rosenborg.
  • Follow the small asfalt road 2 km to Södra Bäck.
  • Continuo trough the village until you find a 90 degree right hand curve.
  • Brake completely ant look to the left, there is a small gravel road in the middle of the curve, there you shall turn in.
  • There can be a gate sometimes that are closed but you just open, pass and close it.
  • Follow the gravel road 2,5 km.
  • On the right side you will find a farm with a windmill, turn in there and you are at Rosenborg!




Rosenborg is located in the Mittlandskogen with its forest groves and field islands. The last few kilometres you travel on a small gravel road surrounded by beautiful stone walls. In the past people picked the stone wall down a few yards before the winter so the road would not drive again as much. An incredible work every year, we have ended up with now

Welcome to our close to nature living at Rosenborgs Friluftspensionat.