Family room

If you choose to live in a family room we have three different alternatives.

A family room with 4 beds is available upstairs in the main building and shares bathrooms with the double rooms.

The quadruple room costs 1180 kr for 3 guests and 1480 kr for 4 guests.

The two bigger family rooms have their own bathrooms and are situated at ground floor, these are also handicap friendly.

The family room with 6 beds costs 1500 kr for 4 guests, 1820 kr for 5 guests and 2140 kr for 6 guests per night.

The family room with 8 beds costs 1900 kr for 5 guests, 2220 kr for 6 guests, 2500 kr for 7 guests and 2800 kr for 8 guests per night.

Sheets, towels and breakfast that is served between 8.00-9.00 is included.

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