Hiking and biking trails

The Hiking trail Castle to Castle and Öland´s bicycle trail passes right outside Rosenborg.

If you continue from Gråborg you come to Jordtorpsåsen, one of the island’s best walking areas.

The hiking trail between Gråborg and Jordtorpsåsen gives an exciting glimpse into Öland´s “Mittlandets” nature and culture. The trail partly follows an ancient route that might have been used already during antiquity. The burial ground on the ridge is great and must have been important to the villages around the ridge. The trail has also probably been used as church road between the Borg’s village and Algutsrum Church, and used in markets that started there in the 18th century. An even more intriguing thought is that people used the road during the middle ages when Gråborg was an important trading post on the island of Öland.

You can start the hike at several places. Most people that comes from Algutsrum starts from the car park at the western part of the ridge where it rises over a stile and will enter the Meadow ground where one can discern the old Church Street as a depression in the ground. Then comes up on the ridge and follow it to the East. On the sides you can see Large and Small Skärret with its pund. Nötbrunnkärret is however, more hidden at the North of the ridge. It then follows the burial ground, passing the standing stones and coming up at cattle road as it follows down the land to the south of the ridge. Where the trail continues to divide so that you can observe the beautiful stone walls managed by Malte N in Jordtorp. There you have to keep to the south to come to the dry alvar grounds there you can see the flowers alvarlök and Sankt Pers nycklar. There is also a small stream where it tends to be wet in the spring.

After alvaret it carries off into the Woods to a ridge that leads all the way to the Borg’s village.